Tea Stain

Tea stains come in the same category as coffee, coke and fruit stains and are very common. Aim to follow the basic principles shown here and adapt the style if the fabric you're treating needs special care. Here is a tea stain we created by putting a tea bag directly onto the cloth.  Tea has colouring in it so we not only have to deal with the tea but could well have to remove the colouring as well
Helpful Hints for Techniques on Stains & Cleaning

Tamping a Stain
a safer method 
of stain removal
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Testing Leather for
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How to protect a
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Techniques Identifying Stains
Tea Stain Mayonnaise Chocolate Stain Wine Stain Blood Stain Biro Stain Wax Stain
The central dark area is surrounded by seepage, where the stain has spread. Use clear vinegar and mix 2 parts water with 1 part vinegar using a small bowl

Apply the solution with a dropper working from the middle to the edges. Continue spreading the mix all the way to the edge of the stain.

Tamp the stain by raising a soft brush above the area and letting it fall under its own weight. Do this all over the stain for around two minutes.

In this case we're using the tamping technique to get as much of the mixture into the fibre as possible. Normally you would tamp to loosen a hard food type stain.

Place absorbent cloths under the stain, raise the fabric and spray water hard through the fabric over the whole area. Then place your extra absorbent cloth on the stain and hold it down to mop up the liquid. Repeat the spray and mopping procedure until there's no more improvement in the stain. Apply more stain treatment and repeat the process if the stain hasn't changed very much, but you can see some change.

The stain has been reduced to a minor level and instead of treating it further with vinegar we now bleach it to get rid of colour, using hydrogen peroxide.

Apply the same method as above, using a 30% solution of peroxide and leave to dry. The results can be seen here.

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

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