Stain Treatments

Successfully removing stains is a mixture of good technique and correctly choosing what chemical or substance to add.
But you don't need to be a chemist to be successful, most of what you need can either be found around the house or bought in the local supermarket or pharmacy.

Everyday Household Spotters

What They Are?

Number Description Where to Get It
1 Methylated Spirit Hardware Stores
2 Nail Polish Remover Pharmacy or Supermarket
3 Paint Remover/Brush Restorer Hardware Store
4 Household Ammonia Hardware Store
5 Hydrogen Peroxide Pharmacy (Chemist)
6 Acetic Acid Delicatessen or Supermarket
7 White vinegar Any Food Store
8 Washing Up Detergent Anywhere you Normally Buy From
9 Glycerol Pharmacy (Chemist)
Stains on Clothing Home Techniques Equipment Identifying a Stain
Easy Stain Selector

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

Stain Treatments
for Tea, Wine, Glue Rust + Many More
Odour Treatments
get rid of nasty smells while you sanitise & clean
Professional Clothes Care Kit
Including Stain Removal with Full Instruction Booklet
Grooming Kit
Get rid of bobbles, hair & lint - a must for all pet owners
Stain Guarding
Spray on - Dry & it's Ready to Protect Your Carpets & Suites 
Hangers that Expand to fit your Clothes Perfectly
Stain Removal Kit
Removes Blood, Egg, Coke, Wine, Beer & more...
Leather Cleaning
Professional Kit to Clean & Condition Your Leather

Wedding Dress, 
Ball Gown and 
Suit Covers 

All guaranteed easy to carry