Carpet Stain Example

Helpful Hints for Techniques on Stains & Cleaning

Tamping a Stain
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of stain removal
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Testing Leather for
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The process to 
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A demonstration of
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How to protect a
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This stain is fresh orange juice kicked over by a child, a typical type of stain where children of all ages sit and play.

Here's how the stain looks before any treatment. It's been there for 2 weeks but it still looks like a drink stain with an orangey colour.

For best results on this type of stain use dilute acetic acid (about 3:1 water to acid) but you can use malt vinegar (around 1:1 mix with water or even neat) to very good effect. However, you can get a professional solution by clicking through to our professional stain treatments on the right.

Put about 200ml in your spray bottle and spray evenly and liberally over the whole stain.

Now we want to get the reagent into the fibres. Use your hard brush to "tamp"  the stain. This involves effectively hitting it by first raising the brush...
...and then letting it fall under its own weight onto the stain. Do this all over the stain for around 2 minutes to ensure the reagent gets into as many fibres as possible.

Dip your brush in fresh warm water and tamp the water into the stain. Keep putting more water on the brush and repeating until the whole stain is quite wet.
Start vacuuming away the liquid working towards you...

...and keep repeating until you have removed as much liquid as possible.
Your stain should now be gone but if it isn't don't panic. Go back to the top and repeat the process. If there isn't very much of a change in the stain you probably haven't guessed the right kind of stain. Simply try for food if you've tried for drink and visa-versa.

Now wash out your spray bottle or go and treat another stain. If you have a few bottles it may be a good idea to keep a mixture permanently in the sprayer ready for new stains (especially if you have children).
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