Blood Stain
Here's a video showing how to remove a blood stain from some trainers using our Cleaner BL.

Blood stains should be treated before a garment goes into a washing machine as it may be set in the washing process.

The main problem with blood stains is that they stick to the fibres and must be eased off before washing. Our stain has been created on a cotton t-shirt and is typical of this type of stain. It's only one day old and as stains get older they may become harder to remove but if you follow these general principles you should have success in removing them completely.

Start by lubricating the stain so that you can begin breaking it up.

 Add a few drops of a mixture of glycerin, washing up liquid and water (around 15%, 15%, 70%).

Now tamp the stain in by holding a soft brush a few inches from it and letting it drop under it's own weight. Continue to do this while you see a break up of the blood. Add more mixture if you think it's too dry.

Flush the stain through with cold water by placing a sprayer close to it and spraying through as hard as you can to absorbent cloths placed underneath. Then dry the area with more cloths held on top.

If the stain hasn't completely disappeared add a few drops of ammonia solution (about a 1 to 4 mixture with water). Tamp again

For particularly difficult stains add hydrogen peroxide in a 40% solution. This will make any remaining blood fizz and bubble white. Tamp again.

Flush the stain through as you did before. If there's still blood present repeat the whole process again and continue repeating until you see no improvement from the treatment or are concerned about damaging the fabric by treating any more.

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Blood Stains

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