Formal Trousers

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ProblemPressing formal trousers is precisely the same as pressing trousers with creases. This section is primarily concerned with stopping any chance of shining that can occur with wool, viscose and vivid coloured cottons. The illustration is of dinner suit trousers but all suits and similar styled trousers should be treated the same. Areas With Formal Trousers

Fly: Here we have a few problems. If you iron over the zip below you will shine the fabric along that line. If you iron over the actual zip pull you will create a very bad shine. Finally the fabric is double and if you iron from one side to the other you may leave a crease on the side you finish.
Waistband: Often waist bands are badly creases as they bend when you bend over or sit down. Shining will occur if you iron hard without a damp cover.

Pleats: Most formal trousers have pleats at this time and ironing over these without protection would cause shine. Actually ironing while covering them is a problem sorted out below.

Special Features: In this case is the shiny stripe down the side of the trousers but could be any addition, like braid. You should avoid ironing most and always iron with a covering cloth. Seams: will shine if ironed over. Instead start next to a seam. Pocket Linings: cause problems if ironed over. You should proceed the same way as with ordinary creased trousers, first topping them and then going on to the legs. Simply use the following steps as a precaution against shining.
When topping the trousers make sure you position any pocket linings so the iron won't go over them by mistake. 

Simply reach inside and pull the lining away from where you're going to iron.

Use your hand as a practice iron and position your body so you can reach without straining.
Place your hands into the position you would iron then move your hands as if ironing.

Lift the waist band and move you hand right into any pleats, ensuring that no material wrinkles causing a crease.

Once you're happy that the iron will run smoothly place a lint free cloth over the area. Make sure the cloth is flat and spray it with water, making it damp. Lifting the waist band as you did before iron in exactly the same way as you practiced with your hand. Don't iron anywhere else as you don't know it will stay flat, you haven't rehearsed your movement.
In these pictures we're doing the pleats at the top. Notice the position of the damp cloth. The second hand is holding the crease folded so that it keeps the pleat in the right position. We're not ironing that far down but the crease must be held in or you will put the pleat in the wrong place.
Now go onto the leg do this in exactly the same way any leg with a creases (or no crease if appropriate). Smooth the fabric with both hands setting the crease first then working back to the seam.

Place the cloth on the trousers, dampen and then iron using the same method described in the previous section

Keep on and complete the trousers in exactly the same way as you would if they weren't formal trousers. Just place the cloth in position before ironing. When doing formal trousers your hands are your eyes, they feel for wrinkles underneath the cloth all the time. Use both of them and if in doubt don't check again before ironing.
Demonstration Videos of Ironing Trousers
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