Trousers with no Creases

Having no creases makes ironing easier as you have nothing to line up. You effectively use the same techniques as with creased trousers so if this section isn't detailed enough for you take that link at the bottom of the page.
Click above to view a tutorial ironing jeans with no crease
The trouser tops of a flat pair of trousers are done in precisely the same way as any other pair. Jeans have no pleats but fashion dictates various designs for the tops of ordinary trousers that today have no creases. Follow the section on trouser tops before going through this section.

Start with straightening out the fly and waist band and then iron around the trousers, positioning your body at the end of the board as you see here.

Lay one leg of the trousers flat and face up on the board. Smooth out the leg.

If the knees are bagging because of excessive stretch keep smoothing the fabric out with both your hands.

Place the iron next to but not on the seam. Run the iron up and across the trouser leg using both hands to ensure that the lower layer is flat too. If there is a baggy knee move the iron in from the edges making sure you don't create a crease by "rolling" the material.

Once you've done the front of the leg flip the trousers over and do the back. Then repeat the process for the other leg.

When you've finished both legs fold the trousers in half with the button undone and the crotch forward. Place them over a hanger and they should stay neatly pressed without creasing.
Demonstration Videos of Ironing Trousers
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