Ironing Legs with Creases
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Click above to see a tutorial of ironing trousers with creases

You should have topped your trousers before starting to press the creases, if you haven't then begin by looking at the trouser tops section.

Start the legs by grouping together the four seams and flattening the legs so the folds at the front and rear represent where you want the creases to go.

Get both legs together and grab the front of the trousers  at the bottom where the creases will be. With a finger and thumb pinch where you want the creases to be at the top and if you have pleats tuck a finger and thumb into both pleat tops.

 Now stretch the creases and lay the trousers down with the crease away from you. Roll back the top leg just past the center seam and smooth out the lower leg with both hands, making sure there are no folds of cloth underneath. The crease should run straight from the bottom into any pleat. You're now ready to start ironing.

Place the iron on the crease with the point of the iron  just to the left of it.

Move the iron in one movement from the

 bottom right up into the pleat at the top.

All the time use your other hand to ensure the crease stays in place while you iron.

Now work the iron backward toward the seam smoothing the material as you do so and using the other hand to roll any unwanted material from the underneath by grabbing the back crease lightly and pulling the lowest layer backward.
Roll the top leg back into place and while you keep the legs together slide the trousers forward, so that the rear creases are fully on the board.

Now roll the top leg forward just past half way and smooth the rear crease from the center seam to the back of the trousers. This makes the bottom leg totally flat.
Iron from the seam backward smoothing the fabric as you go. The aim is to keep the leg flat all the way from front the crease to back.


Keep guiding the fabric with the other hand rolling any excess material from the underneath of the leg.

Finish the crease around 2" from the waist band.

Roll the top leg back in place. Grab both legs by the front creases and flip the trousers over so the front crease is now facing you. Now roll back the new top leg (which should be the leg you have already done) just past the center seam. Smooth out the bottom leg the same way you did for the first, ensuring you work from a straight crease backward,  then iron right into the pleats.

Once done roll the top leg back into place, move the trousers forward and roll the back of the top leg just past the center seam.

Smooth out the rear of the leg from the center seam out to the crease.

Iron out from the seam making sure the material underneath is flat and stop 2" from the waistband.

Put the legs back together again and look at the top leg. Any residual creasing should now be ironed away from the top. Make sure you don't iron over the seam as this could make it shine. 

Once satisfied grab the trousers by the front creases and flip them over again. Check the top leg for residual creasing and iron if necessary.
That effectively finishes the trousers. Put them over a hanger and check that the legs are flat from front to back where they go over the hanger. The crease should be at either end of the leg, they shouldn't roll and be positioned on the upper or lower surface.  If they are you haven't smoothed out the legs properly. Don't worry, this does take practice and a certain feel for cloth, simply smooth out the fabric better next time checking the underneath layer with your hands to feel for any lumps.

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