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Click above to see a tutorial ironing a pair of jeans with nmo creases
Ironing trousers is more fiddly than ironing shirts or flatter items,  as there are odd features such as pleats and pockets. This means you're ironing less of the garment at any one time - adding steps to the job and extra movement.
So long as you're prepared to move your body around the board this shouldn't present a problem.

Here is our step-by-step guide

Iron the pocket linings first, otherwise when you do the rest of the trousers if you iron the lumps and bumps you might cause a shine that you don't want. Notice the body position  toward the end of the board, making it easier to get the lining flat and the iron in position.
The inside flap of the fly is next, simply flatten, hold down with the iron and pull the opposite end, sliding the iron towards your hand

Next iron the waist band remembering to flatten and stretch the waist before using the tip of the iron.

Now place the trousers on the end of the board and stand at the end. Flatten the top and pulling lightly with the other hand. Pulling raises the top slightly. Steer the iron towards your fingers in a straight line stopping just before the waist band. Move on slightly and repeat. If there are pleats iron into them while you raise the top, make sure you move the pocket lining aside before ironing. As the iron approaches your hand make sure it flattens the fabric and  stop about 1/2 inch before the end of any pleat.
Next move to the pocket area and again pull  with the other hand, being careful not to iron over any pleats yet.

Get any pleats into their proper position and then iron from left to right or right to left, depending on the direction of the pleat. Only clip the tops of the pleat, don't iron them completely in.
Continue to the rear of the trousers, ironing the waist band first. If there is a pocket iron up to and around the feature.

Then change your body position and pull the pocket top and iron and then move the iron sideways from the waist band to the top of the pocket.

Keep moving around the trousers in the same direction finishing with the upper flap of the fly. You may have to iron in from the edge of the fly flap towards its centre, otherwise you may press a crease into the edge.

The most important factors in making ironing easy is body position. Standing in one place and trying to iron all of an item is like playing tennis rooted to one spot. Move around the board so you can reach the part you want to iron without stretching or having to turn your arm into knots in order to get the iron into position.

Demonstration Videos of Ironing Trousers
Jeans - No Crease Trousers with Creases Shorts - no Crease
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