Tools for Ironing

Ironing can be done with the simplest and most inexpensive tools, you don't need a pro iron or vacuum ironing board but what you use must be appropriate for the job you're about to take on.
The basic tools you need to iron successfully.
Tool Description
Water Spray Used to dampen garments when they're too dry 
Teflon Shoe An accessory that can help reduce shine, give a smoother ironing action  and increase the heat setting for any material type. 
Ironing Board You can iron on any solid surface that has a covering on it, a table, a board or even a rolling pin for those hard to get to areas.
Cloth This is used damp and on top of garments that may shine, due to direct heat, or stick to the iron because of softening. 
Iron From travel irons to professional options with boilers all will do a good job if you follow the basic rules.
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