Ironing Boards

There are numerous ironing boards to choose from and the major difference between most is in the covering that you iron on.

Professionals would normally have thin polyester covers because they have boards that sucks the steam through the ironing so it dries quickly. But you will be able to choose from cotton, polyester and metallic covers. The type of board you choose may limit you on board cover so choose the board first then an appropriate cover.

Boards Description Cover Types
Normal  boards are made of a solid or mesh base held up by adjustable legs often including sleeve board (shown above the board).
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Metallic

All of these must be padded.

Professional boards have a vacuum and heat up. This means they hold the garment and dry it extremely well. A dry garment usually stays un-creased whereas a damp garment will often crease up as it dries out. Usually costs in the region of £300 without iron.
  • Polyester

Most using this type of board will have a professional iron as well. The resultant steam is so heavy that without the vacuum it will get very wet very quickly.

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