Skirt Linings
Click above to see a video tutorial on ironing a woolen skirt
The first item to be done on any skirt is the lining so that if you have to throw the skirt around doing the rest only the lining can get re-creased.
Skirt linings are often made of materials that are thermoplastic, in other words they can melt. So the first thing you need to do is turn down your iron to a low setting, especially as the care label is often only representing what you can do with the main fabric of the garment.
Before you start any garment it is a good idea to look at the problems you might face when ironing. Here we have a skirt in a soft acetate/polyester mix with an acetate lining. The main skirt will shine badly if touched directly with the iron, especially if we go over seams, zips or wrinkles from the underneath. Linings are not normally in the same material as the remainder of the skirt.

Turn the skirt inside out and place the lining on the ironing board. Hopefully the lining won't be attached to the skirt and you'll be able to do this. Sometimes linings are attached at vents, which means you have to slide board between the lining and the surface. In this case the lining is attached throughout the zip area so note that we have positioned the skirt so that the lining can be done without going over the zip area.
Smooth the lining with both hands and iron straight up and down, covering the whole surface.

Move the lining around the board and continue to smooth then iron until you go all the way round. It' a good idea to start at a point that you'll recognise when you get back to it, otherwise may go round the skirt more than once, which shouldn't be necessary.
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