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Click above to view a tutorial ironing a plain skirt
We've chosen to iron a fairly difficult material that can shine and is thermoplastic. If yours is a simple design with no lining and of an easier material you can leave out the steps designed to protect the skirt.
Skirts are fairly simple in their structure. So long as you remember not to put the iron on the material until you have the fabric flat and also to position the skirt on the board to take into account its shape there should be no problems.

Undo any zip and lay the waistband on the board flattening it as much as possible and seeing how you think it will move when you put an iron on it. Cover it with a lint free cloth and spray with water before ironing while using your other hand to smooth the waist band.

Turn the skirt round and put the main body on the board with the zip along the edge. Smooth the skirt down making sure there are no wrinkles underneath from the lining.

If you feel wrinkles one way of getting rid of them may be to pull the lining straight from underneath.

Cover the skirt with a lint free cloth and spray so it's quite damp. Iron lightly all over the skirt. The aim is to steam the skirt while keeping it firmly in position. Keep the skirt in that position until you feel that the steam has dried off.

Keep turning the skirt around the board smoothing it out then placing and wetting the cloth before ironing. When you get back to the zip you've finished.

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