Shirt Body

You need to get the material flat and work around the body from one side to the other in small steps so that you don't miss any part.
Short Sleeved Shirt Long Sleeved shirt

Follow these steps and you'll have good results on any fabric.

Start with the left side of the shirt flattening the fabric by smoothing it out with your hands. Place the iron on the bottom of the button flap and pull the top by the collar. Iron straight upwards keeping good tension all the time. Move the shirt evenly towards you and smooth again. Now iron the section next to the flap, taking care to move in from the edge of any pocket, up to the center and then to the center from the other side.
Once at the top move the shirt on again. Make another iron movement from the bottom while pulling above the arm hole stitching. To get a good seam, run the edge of the iron over the stitching while pulling with the other hand. Shift the shirt again so that the back is now on the board at the very edge of the seam. Again pull above the armhole stitching and move the iron in one direction up, with just the edge going over the seam of the arm hole.
Continue moving the shirt towards you bit-by-bit, ironing a section at a time. After another two sections you should be at the other side of the back where again you pull the seam while you iron. Once you're on the front continue as you have been until you area up to the button area. Change the direction you're moving the iron in so that you can move the point of the iron in between the buttons.
Move in and out of the buttons taking care not to hit the buttons by going too fast, you may break them or even tear the shirt. Continue this way remembering to hold the shirt by the collar all the time while pulling against the force of the iron to give a crisp finish. Once at the top the shirt should be done.
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