Shirt Sleeves

The problem with sleeves is that there are two layers of material to be done at one time. If the upper layer is flat the bottom layer must also be flat, otherwise you'll create creases on the underside. Remember too that you should do the cuff before the sleeve.
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Above - How to Iron a Delicate Blouse
1. Begin by placing the sleeve flat on the board, with the front facing you, and making sure the lower seam is straight and even along its whole length. 2. Smooth your hands upwards feeling the fabric underneath for any creases. If there are, make sure you get rid of them before you start ironing.
3. Place the iron on the seam with your other hand slightly lifting the opposite side. Move the iron toward your hand rolling any loose fabric from underneath with your fingers. 4. Move your hand along the shirt as the iron approaches and repeat this procedure on the next section along.
5. Continue this all the way to the end of the sleeve 6. Go right up to the cuff but not over it.
7. Turn the sleeve over and iron the reverse side finishing by pulling on the cuff by the split and ironing that area with the point of the iron, making sure you don't go over the cuff. 8. Start the other sleeve in exactly the same way, with the front facing you and working to the other side of the board. Follow steps 1 to 7.
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