Ironing Shirts
There's will never be an absolutely "right" way to iron but you will get better results if you follow a sensible order. 
Start by using this order and when you feel confident adapt it to your own special needs or how you've found it best suits you. Don't adapt it until you're used to it, it's always hard to adjust the way you may have worked for years, give it a chance before you change or abandon it.
Written Descriptions & Video Demos
Cuffs & Collars
The Body
Here are a few of out Tutorials on ironing Shirts
Shirt & Blouse Video Tutorials
Traditional Cotton
Double Cuff Shirt
Long Sleeved Delicate Blouse Short Sleeved Shirt Long Sleeved Cotton Shirt
Grooming Kit
Get rid of nasty bobbles Fluff, Lint & Hair too
Wedding Dress, 
Ball Gown and 
Suit Covers 

All guaranteed easy to carry
Irons, Boards & Steamers for shop & home use
No More Hanger Distortion!
A Hanger that Expands to fit your Clothes

+ Moth repellents &  Clothes Covers

Press Home Presses
Steam presses for home use
Bobble Removers
The best bobble remover for personal and professional use
Curtain Cleaning Service

Full take-Down & Re-Hang with a no shrinkage guarantee

Stain Guarding

Wedding Dress Cleaning

A Top Quality Door-to-Door Service.

Odour Treatments
get rid of nasty smells, sanitise & clean