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Sheets are completely flat so ironing them is probably the easiest ironing you'll do. They give you great practice at smoothing out two or more layers of fabric at a time and this would help you with other, more difficult, items.

Of course, this doesn't take into account fitted sheets, which it's almost impossible to keep flat because of the elastic pulling the corner together.

Fitted sheets cause problems solely because of the shape of the corners. Start by matching two corners together and folding one over the other, so you have a corner with two layers of fabric

Put the corner over the edge of the board and stretch the elastic, holding it down with one hand and using the corner to hold the it tight on the board..

Change hands to pick up the iron while holding the stretched sheet tight. Get the iron and place it on the sheet, replacing the other hand and keeping the sheet tight, then iron that corner.

Once you've done that corner pull the sheet towards you, firstly doing the top of the corner and then moving on to the main body of the sheet. As this is now flat all you need do is make sure both layers are flat and even and then iron the portion. Move on to the next section and iron again until you get to the opposite corner and then repeat the above procedure.
The final maneuver to master is once you have finished that side. Leave the corner you've just done on the board and pick up the other corner, fitting it over the one on the board so that you halve the sheet. Now hold the sheet on the center section where the fabric folds over and flip the sheet onto the board. Start flattening the sheet from the from the center to the edges and back to the corners, ironing when you have it flat and moving the sheet towards you at every change of section.

Fold the sheet again at the center section to halve it again. Pull the side towards you as you did with the previous section.

Do the opposite side and then fold the sheet down to finish.
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