For & Against You in a Dispute

These are three of the main causes for complaint against a cleaner and what factors are for or against your case.

Shrinkage or Distortion

Spotting Damage (Stain Treatment) or Graying

Fabric / Accessory Damage


For For
Fabric shouldn't shrink excessively during cleaning and  where shrinkage or distortion happens to a small area of fabric, will almost certainly be due to poor treatment by the cleaner. However, some manufacturers may have allowed up to a 10% tolerance to shrinkage, which is excessive but would turn a 32" waist into a 29" waist (a tight squeeze at least).  This is normally characterised by circular wealds on the fabric around where a stain used to be. It can lighten or darken an area and is fairly easily recognisable. Scraping or scrubbing a fabric can cause damage and is a common fault in with silk and cotton cleaning which shows up as a lighter area of material. Graying of the fabric is normally due to contaminated solvent. This type of damage can take many forms. Crinkling of belts because the backs  aren't cleanable or deterioration of the fabric because one element is attacked by the cleaning solvent. Dye running out of one part of a garment and re-depositing on another is a common fault in manufacturing often due to not testing the fabric for cleaning. 
Against Against Against
Most fabrics have some form of  shrinkage from new, even cotton. They also stretch during wear and are therefore likely to feel tighter after cleaning than before. This is normal and you can not expect to have cover for it from the cleaner. Also sometimes we get fatter over the time we're wearing a garment and it will feel tighter after cleaning. If you have been warned that taking action may cause damage and damage occurs. If you have asked a cleaner to spot a stain as a garment will be ruined if a stain remains then they have just been following your instructions. A dull/gray look can be caused by loss of optical brightners and this can be taken as graying. In this case you will almost certainly have a successful claim against either the dry cleaner or the retailer. Unless you've accepted owners risk over a cleaners legitimate concern your only problem might be the fight between manufacturer and cleaner. They often blame each other and set up a conflict, but this will just delay matters and should not affect the outcome.
Although you don't necessarily get what you pay for you can't expect to pay £1.50 to clean a pair of trousers and then be upset that they don't do £6.00 worth of work on them, nobody is aiming to make a loss just because it's you. If you pay £5.00 for a suit to be cleaned it's unlikely to be cleaned very well because you're just not paying enough for someone to spend much time on your garment. In general, if a service is cheap you're paying for minimal cleaning and as long as you realise that there's no problem with using the service. However, don't expect to drive away in a Rolls Royce if you don't pay for one.
By giving us the details of your problem we'll be able to send you a letter from DrClean helping you to make a claim against whoever is at fault. There will be a £10 fee for this service (that should be reclaimable) and we will contact you and set an individual advisor specifically to deal with your case if necessary. 
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