Fibre Types

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Fibres can be divided into three basic types:

Natural Man Made Synthetic

(technically fibres are either man-made or natural but this further division can be useful)

Which can be further sub-divided into the following fibres...

Animal Vegetable Mineral
Wool Cotton Asbestos
Silk Linen  
Mohair Kapoc  
Camel Hemp  
Cashmere Jute  
Angora Sisal  
Man Made
Regenerated Cellulose Modified Cellulose
Viscose Diacetate
Cupro Triacetate
Casein (protein)  
Synthetic Mineral
Polyester Carbon
Polyamide (nylon) Glass
Polyurethane Metal
Fibres shouldn't be confused with fabrics, which are made up of fibres. For example satin is a particular type of weave that can be made out of silk, polyester or even cotton, whereas a large number of people believe that satin itself is the fibre. To fin out more about fabrics follow the link below.
Fabric Help Washing Instructions