Protect Your Precious Memories

Wedding days are special and your memories of that day are special too. One of the most important ingrgedients of that day will have been your dress, so why not protect your memories for ever by keeping it in a beautiful box especially designed to do just that ?

These hand-made boxes give you a beautiful and safe way to keep you dresses for years in the most favorable conditions possible.

Why a Wedding Box ?
1. Made from specially milled neutral board they're neither acid or alkaline. If a dress is in contact with either condition it can lead to yellowing. The Box together with the acid free tissue paper supplied with it, ensures the correct conditions for keeping your dress safe over the years.
2. Unlike plastic covers the Box allows the fabric to breathe. Plastic can be harmful over a long period.
3. The Box protects from light and dust, which can fade and mark you dress.
4. There's no need to store the dress in the attic. The box can be a beautiful feature in a bedroom or spare room and leave the dress available for viewing any time.
Hat and Shoe Boxes
These hat and shoe boxes are made to the same exacting standards as the wedding dress boxes and are perfect to protect your precious possessions.
10" £ 33.45 + p&p BN

13" £ 40.45 + p&p BN
16" £ 46.45 + p&p BN
20" £ 53.85 + p&p BN
Shoe Box £ 25.45 + p&p BN

The Correct Sized Box for your Dress

£40.45 +p&p
£60.45 + p&p
Extra Large 
£76.45 + p&p
Colour Choice

Choose from a miriad of delicate or bold patterns and delightful colours to suit your personal style and your wedding dress, from Classic Stripes to delicate Floral Patterns and even more Artistic designs. If you want to see the full choice just click here or any of the patterns below.

Anne Marie
Suitable for most styles of wedding dress that have up to 2 layers of net petticoat, including those with a train. Comes with 30 sheets of acid free tissue paper.

£ 60.45 + p&p

Extra Large
Twice the volume of the standard box designed for dresses with 3 or more layers of petticoat or extremely long trains. Comes with 40 sheets of acid free tissue paper.

£ 76.45 + p&p

Suitable for slender fitted dresses, going away outfits or Bridesmaids dresses. 15 sheets of acid free tissue paper supplied.

£ 40.45 + p&p

Gold Box
Red Box
Box Set