Stain Treatments

Demo removing Dry Board Ink
(Solvex - Citrus Gel - Stain Pro)
Video demo removing blood stain

SolvexGloss & Emulsion paints, Grease etc. Citrus GelOil, Grease, Tar, Gum Stain Pro For Blood, Vomit, Beer and Milk Stains
A water rinseable non-volatile blend of solvents to remove gloss and emulsion paints and solvent soluble inks on carpet and fabric. Clear solvent with an aromatic odour.

£17.50 500ml + p&p

A citrus solvent and detergent based liquid gel spot remover for oil, grease, tar, gum and other solvent based spots on carpet and fabric. Safe for use on carpets with a latex backing. White gel with citrus fragrance.
£17.95 1 ltr + p&p BN
A heavy duty water and solvent based spotter for the removal of beer, egg, blood, vomit, ink, fresh tea and coffee and most foods based stains

£12.95 + p&p


Degreaser An environmentally friendly degreaser

Blood Remover

Red RX Wine, Coke + Vivid Colours.

You can remove all kinds of grease with this degreaser. Suitable for all heavy duty degreasing jobs including, Bike grease, car grease, food fat and even cooker grease is broken down and you can simply flush it away with water.

Take a look at a video degreasing a dirty bike chain here.


£6.50 or plain packaged at only £5.00 + p&p

Cleaner BL is specially formulated to remove blood. 

Simply add the Cleaner BL and work it in lightly using the reverse end of a spoon. As the stain becomes liquid add more, then wash in a cool cycle or flush out using cold water. 

£9.50 250ml + p&p
Developed exclusively to remove red food colourings, carbonated drinks, fruit juices and wine stains from carpet and fabrics. Effective with wet towel and hot iron method, as directed on the label

£19.75 1ltr + p&p

Carpet Minder Spot Treatment


Coffee+ other Yellow and Brown Stains
Speci ally formulated and ready to use acid spotter for tea, coffee, beer, tannin, water marks and other yellow and brown discolouration on carpet and fabric. Clear liquid with a lemon fragrance

£11.95 1 ltr + p&p BN

A great general stain spot treatment that will treat most of your your emergency spills.

Use it on newly spilled or dried in drink and food spills. Comes in it's own spray topped bottle for ease of use.

£6.75+ p&p Each or
£73.50 + p&p for 12 750ml bottles


A new economical and safe-to-use acid gel for the removal of rust, iron mould and old blood stains. Much safer than strong acid products and does not require chemical neutralisation.

£15.50  1 ltr + p&p


Glue Spot

A specialised Aerosol solvent spotter for the removal of varnish, nail polish, household cement and laquers from carpets and fabrics.

£15.50 300ml + p&p

Urine Neutraiser Chewing Gum
For only £10 this product probably represents probably the best value stain remover around. This is an easy-to-use stain treatment for urine, wine, drink and vegetable stains. It not only cleanses but deodorises too. An exclusive acidic deodorant for neutralising and deodorising urine by direct application. Neutralises odour from urine deposits on contact and prevents staining. Comes as yellow tinted liquid with fresh fragrance

An aerosol freezer spray for the removal of chewing gum and sticky sweets etc. on any surface. Supplied with discharging nozzle to apply freezer action direct to the gum which can then be broken away with a blunt knife.
£13.75 + p&p

£17.95 355ml + p&p