Spare parts for the
Puzzi 100, Carpetminder and Hagerty
Carpet Cleaning Machines

These machines are all made in the same factory by the same company and all the parts are interchangeable. The only differences between the Carpet Minder machine (left) and the Hagerty machine (right) is that one has the hand tool attached and the other has the floor tool and - of course - the colour.
Product Videos

Removing Pollen
Carpet Guard 
Protection for 
Leather & Suede
High Speed
Dial Up Connection

Ironing Board, 
Boiler & Iron
High Speed
Dial Up Connection

Carpet Cleaning
Machine (What 
comes in the box)
High Speed
Dial Up Connection

Removing Pet
Hair with a
Roll Clean
High Speed
Dial Up Connection

How to protect a
chair or suite by 
water proofing
High Speed
Dial Up Connection

Removing Lilly Pollen
from a Suede Jacket
High Speed

To find your part and it's number click through to one of the blown diagrams, listed below by description. Then simply go to the shop and purchase in the normal way, we'll normally dispatch within 4 days.

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Diagrams Show   Water Tank and 
Upper Body
Appliance Parts 
Motor Housing & Parts

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Diagrams Show Suction Hose Hand Tool & Nozzle Floor Tool & Nozzle