Owatrol Oil - Paint Conditioner & Rust Inhibitor

Unlike thinners, which weakens the paint, Owatrol fortifies it - increasing penetration and adhesion to provide a longer lasting finish that resists peeling and flaking.

Owatrol added to any oil-based paint, varnishes or stains, beats paint drag - reducing brush marks and increasing coverage.

  • Protects against Rust
  • Improves Coverage
  • Eases Application
  • Eliminates Brush Marks


Owatrol can be used to combat rust wherever it occurs, penetrating deeply to stabilise the rust and prevent it reforming. Because of it's wetting properties it penetrates through the rust to the sound metal, driving out any moisture and air; filling the rust pores with oil. It then bonds with the rust to form a flexible protective coating which may be painted over without further preparation.

Coverage when used neat: Wood 5-8m2 Rusted Surface 8-12m2 
Drying Time: Wood - Overnight: Metal 24 Hours.
Size 1 ltr
Application: Brush, Roller, Spray

£24.75 + p&p 1 ltr


E-B Emulsa Bond - Mix in Bonding Primer - Added Bond for Problem Surfaces

Just Scrape Off Loose Material & You're Ready to Paint

Owatrol E-B Emulsa Bond is the painter and decorators perfect solution to saving time and money when painting chalky powdery or porous surfaces whether inside or out. It let's you apply the first coat of paint and stabilising primer in  the same application, thereby eliminating the need for applying a separate stabilising solution. 
When added to the first coat of masonry paint or interior emulsion, E-B acts as a stabiliser, penetrating deep into the surface to firmly bond the first coat of paint to the substrate, ensuring an even coverage and maximising adhesion between the first and second coat of paint.

E-B's high solids content maintains the inherent characteristics of the paint improves hiding  power and increases coverage by up to 20%

Low in odour, it is the ideal solution to all those interior distemper and whitewash problems, eliminating the need for the laborious job of washing down. Just scrape the surface to remove loose material and E-B mixed into the first coat will make the paint stick.

EB Emulsa Bond

  • Coverage: N/A
  • Drying Time: Paint manufacturers guidelines
  • Size 1 ltr
  • Application: Brush, Roller, Spray

£27.50 + p&p 1ltr


ESP- Easy surface Prep - Added Stick For Glossy Surfaces Watch a Video Example

Owatrol Water-Based ESP (Easy Surface Primer) is a special blend that preparesd and primes the surface in one. It gets high gloss surfaces ready for painting quickly and easily - negating the need for the dusty and dirty job of sanding. Paint On
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Melamine
  • Plastic
  • Painted Surfaces


ESP provides a 'micro priming' bonding film that paint really stick to. Just 2 hours after applying ESP you can be painting over it with any water or oil based paint, assured in the knowledge it won't peel.

Easy on the hands and odourless, Owatrol ESP is the easy, quick and effective way to prepare any non-porous surface whether inside or out and being odourless makes it ideal in confined areas. Just clean the surface, apply ESP, wait 2 hours then paint.

Can be applied direct to ceramic and glass surfaces as well as baked enamels, laquers, plastics and many more surfaces.

£23.50 + p&p 1ltr

Coverage: 18m2 per litre
Drying Time: 2 Hours
Size 1 ltr
Application: Lint Free Cloth

CIP - Corrosive Inhibiting Primer - Rust Problems Solved

  • Easy Application
  • Minimal Surface Preparation
  • Accepts all types of paint
  • Seals Sound Underlying Metal
  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • Deep Penetration of Substrate

CIP (corrosive inhibiting primer) is a non-toxic, coloured, anti-corrosive primer that possess the penetrating properties of Owatrol Oil with the added benefit that it may be over-coated with virtually any kind of finish, from an ordinary paint to a 2 pack high solvent epoxy finish.

Simple and easy to use it may be applied by brush, roller or spray with minimal surface preparation. CIP stabilises the surface, penetrating deep into the substrate, driving out excess moisture and air to form a solid stable layerthat other coatings can adhere to.

Suitable for interior or exterior use, it is ideal in difficult conditions such as tropical climates, corrosive gases, coastal areas and where high resistant finish is to be applied and necessary.

CIP maybe used on new or rusted surfaces and is especially recommended for the protection of cars, civil engineering equipment, nautical ballast tanks as well as every items such as metal railings and gates.

Coverage: 15m2 per litre
Drying Time: 6 Hours
Size: 500ml
Application: Brush, Roller, Spray
Re-coating times: OIl Based Paints 24 Hours - Solvent Based Paints  48 Hours (extended 24 hours where temperature is low or humidity high)

£20.95 + p&p per 500ml