As leather has oils to soften it and retain a good feel coupled with solid colour it's always advisable to re-condition it whenever it is cleaned.

Leather Cleaner (1 ltr)

This leather upholstery cleaner comes in a plastic bottle with its own spray applicator. Contains speciality surficants and neatsfoot oil. It is a white liquid emulsion with a light lemon fragrance.

It comes ready-to-use and pH neutral.      £15.75 + p&p BN

Leather Conditioner (500 ml)

A treatment for already cleaned leather which replaces natural oils, restores suppleness and helps protect the skin. It is a tan liquid emulsioin with a rich leather fragrance

It comes ready to use and pH neutral      £12.50 + p&p BN

Complete Leather Cleaning Kit for £ 24.00  + p&p   1ltr Cleaner + 1 x 500ml Conditioner BN
Product Videos

Removing Pollen
Carpet Guard 
Protection for 
Leather & Suede
High Speed
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Ironing Board, 
Boiler & Iron
High Speed
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Carpet Cleaning
Machine (What 
comes in the box)
High Speed
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Removing Pet
Hair with a
Roll Clean
High Speed
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How to protect a
chair or suite by 
water proofing
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Removing Lilly Pollen
from a Suede Jacket
High Speed
Then - After Cleaning - Protect  All Your Leather

This water based fabric protector is extremely simple to use. It comes in a handy 750ml container that doubles as a sprayer and is used neat, so there's no need for measuring and mixing fiddly little amounts.

Once sprayed and dried it creates a protective shield over any fabric that most water based spills simply run off. there's no need to do anything else, simply spray, dry and protect - see the video example from the list above.

Carpet Guard is perfect for protecting against spills of: Wine, Beer, Gravy, Milk, Ice Cream and even Baby Food. 

Only £11.30 + p&p      Use on any:- Leathers - Rain Coats - Carpets - Suites