Ez-Off Hot Iron Cleaner £11.30 + p&p

We're often asked by visitors to the site to find certain products used by professionals and to supply them through DrClean. Perhaps the most requested is anything that might clean an iron easily - and now we've found the perfect answer.

Ez-Off is made in the USA and is designed for professionals to clean their commercial irons.

Easy & Handy to Use....... ......Follow Simple Directions
1. To clean equipment squeeze a liberal amount of Ez-Off onto a heavy cotton cloth (an old terry towel works best). 2. While the equipment is HOT rub the soiled metal pressing or ironing surface with circular motions. After removing all the soil simply wipe with the clean end of the cloth.
3. Ez-Off is handy and effective for on-the-spot use. There's no need to wait for equipment to cool before use. 4. If you want to keep equipment clean, slick and operating smoothly, clean with Ez-Off daily. This will ensure maximum speed with minimum interuptions.

Ironing board Covers + Pads & Cantons

For professional results an ironing board should easily wick away steam and it should also be padded, so no unnecessary lines are created on your clothes. Our professional ironing board covers, pads and cantons fit the bill.

Ironing Board Covers £29.95 + p&p BN

This polyester pro-ironing board cover has a threaded tie around the perimeter to get the cover tight around the board. You can also secure the cover using the eyelets along its length.

These will cover boards up to 1.2 mtrs long (actual length 1.35 mtrs)

Ironing Board Canton, Pad & Cover Set £49.50 + p&p

Canton: is an airy cover that allows steam to be taken from the board, especially with vacuum heated boards and is positioned next to the ironing board body.

Pad: Goes over the canton and directly under the cover, it's purpose is to create a padded surface so you can iron without causing shine on seams etc.

Cover: as above



Professional Iron Mats

Unlike most professional iron mats these are metal, coated in a non-slip heat resistant finish, making them both heavy enough not to move in use and sturdy enough to place a hot professional iron on, face down.

These are a great value tool that will speed up your ironing.

Only £14.45 + p&p

Ironing Sundries