7.5m Roller

The Full Grooming Kit, Fuzz-Go bobble removers and Roll Clean Refills and Heavy Duty Professional Handles (Click a picture for more information)

There's nothing that spoils your look as much as unsightly hair, human or pet, or bobbles on your clothes. But here are put together the best two products to help you always look your best. Only £12.50 BN

Fuzz-Go Bobble Remover
This old remedy for removing the pills, neps or fuzz-balls (same thing in three different words) that you often see on knitwear and other fabrics, is the best and most effective cure that we've found. It's a charcoal block full of holes and as it's dragged softly over an affected area it cuts away the threads holding the fuzz-ball to the fabric. Brush or roll off the loose balls and you'll have Fuzz-Free clothing. Although little particles of the Fuzz-go break off as it removes the pills it will last for years and probably be the best fuzz remover you've ever used.
BN and....... 2 x 7.5m Caraselle Rollers with one handle
Often known as a lint or fluff remover these have an adhesive surface which you roll over a fabric to easily remove pet hairs, fluff and dust. When a section loses its adhesion simply peel away one layer to reveal a fresh surface underneath. Once used you can replace the whole roll with a refill for years of fluff removal.

Are you a professional user? Then we have a professional option of 11 Fuzz-Go's in one box at only £59.50 + p&p just for you.