Soaps for Carpets & Upholstery

Carpet Minder Soap

Carpet Minder soap has been created to have exceptional cleaning properties and a very pleasant odour. This Shampoo pre-cleans to loosen dirt and grime, de-foams and deodorise as it cleans and reduces concentrations of house-mite allergens. It also retards re-soiling so your carpets stay cleaner for longer.
DrClean has used this soap in commercial carpet cleaning and found it to have exceptionally good cleaning qualities and a great smell. It's very concentrated formula also makes it economical to use. - A Great solution for all carpet & suite cleaning.
£6.49 + p&p 1ltr or £53.95 + p&p for 12 x 1ltr bottles
Watch a short video on how to correctly start cleaning your carpets here
Prochem Professional Soaps
UltraPrep Pre-Treatment for Heavily Soiled Areas

£39.95 + p&p
UltraPrep TLC

If you have children, pets or messy adults, prone to traipse through the house with dirty shoes or boots, then you need UltraPrep TLC as a pre-treatment before you begin extraction cleaning your carpets. UltraPrep penetrates and removes grease and soil and rinses easily and has low vapour formulation, which reduces solvent vapours and odours during cleaning.

It is a new generation high concentrate pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner and is a powerful formula with mild pH that is suitable for all carpet types, subject to pre-testing. Cream opaque viscous liquid with winterfresh fragrance.
Dilution 1 to 33 pH 9.8 
5 Litre 

Carpetclean XL (For Carpet Spray Extraction Machines)

Carpetclean XL is Low foaming and easy to extract so if you want to clean your own carpet this offers the ideal solution in getting a professional finish. This 5ltr tub is highly concentrated and will clean all the carpets in the average house 2 or 3 times. 

Very highly concentrated, phosphate-free detergent certified to AMS1631A for aircraft carpet cleaning.

Fab Clean (for upholstery)

Suites and settees often need special soaps to ensure easy and effective extraction. At this price there's no need to take chances - and it will last a number of cleans.

Fab Clean is an upholstery fabric extraction concentrate for use on wet cleanable colour-fast fabrics and contains a unique blend of low foam bio-degradable surfacants and optical brighteners. 

5 ltr only £34.95 + p&p


5 ltr only £23.75 + p&p


Soaps and Stain Spotters from Hagerty

Hagerty 5* Carpet Shampoo pre-cleans to loosen dirt and grime. It de-foams and deodorise as it cleans and reduces concentrations of housemite allergens. It also retards re-soiling so your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

£7.50 + p&p Each or
81.50 + p&p for 12 x 1ltr bottles

The Carpet Minder Spot Cleaner is a powerful stain remover for carpets and upholstery. Immediate use will help remove spots and stains and reduce odours. 

To remove stain simply spray on - tamp in then waiting for it to dry then simply vacuum off.

£6.75 + p&p Each or
£73.50 + p&p for 12 500ml bottles

Dymaprep Low Foaming Soap

Dymaprep is soap for carpets and suites designed for use in spray extraction machines. It can be used with hot or cold water and as a pre-spray to treat heavily soiled or stained areas before general cleaning.

Each 1 litre container makes 60 litres of cleaning solution, making it both economical and effective. Three containers will normally complete an average sized house of carpets.

It has a pleasant odour and we have found it to be effective in cleaning both carpets and upholstery

Only £6.75 for 1 or ....... £17.50 for 3 + p&p