Paint on Any Surface - Yes ! Even GLASS and TILES

Want a New Kitchen or Bathroom but can't afford it?

ESP - Easy Surface Prep is an all surface primer that lets paint adhere to any surface. You can paint over your tiles in the bathroom and kithen and even your melamine kitchen units to create a new kitchen or bathroom.

Only 23.50 1ltr

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E-B Emulsa Bond for Flaking Walls

EB Emulsa Bond is an additive to emulsion paint that makes the paint adhere to pourus surfaces, creating an undercoat and first coat in one application Saving You Time - And Money

Only £27.50 1 ltr

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Prepare Your Wood Deck for Spring

Stripping off your old deck glaze is easy with PrepDeck and get your decks and wood looking good and ready to use for summers.

It's Easy to use and Removes old finishes & stains Cleaning Weathered All Exterior Wood.

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Below you'll find some special products available from the DrClean shop that have all been tested for effectiveness and ease of use.
Stain Treatments
Tea, Wine, Glue, Rust, Beer, Egg, Vomit, Ink, Tar,
Juices + Many More
20m Lint Rollers
Get Rid of Fluff - Lint & Bobbles 
Fuzz-Go The best bobble remover in the world?

Blood Stains

Remove both new and old blood stains.

New Home
Heated Vacuum Ironing Board
Home Board Only £297.50
Irons & Boards
Professional Iron
s, Boards & steamers 
Odour Treatments
All odours including Pet Urine
Waterproofing Sprays for Rain Coats, Suede : Jackets, Shoes, Handbags 
Chair Covers etc.

EZ-Off Iron Cleaning Cream Easy to use while the iron is hot and very effective.


Scotch Guard

water repellant spray -  to protect all your Suites, Raincoats, Shoes, Bags & Carpets
Press Home Presses
Steam presses for home use
Machine Spares for: Hagerty Puzzi 100 & Carpet Minder
Leather Cleaning
for all Your Suites Jackets & Clothing
Hagerty Blue
Buy a Hagerty Blue....... Or
....... get a FREE Machine
(with free stand and hard floor adaptor)
Hagerty Blue
Stink Free Sports Gear

Remove all nasty smells from shoes, socks, shirts and even bags.

With Money Back Satisfaction GUARANTEE

Stinf Free
Cogs Enviro-Friendly Degreaser
Get grease of anything and take care of the planet
Stain Removal Kit - for Blood, Egg,, Wine, Beer & more
Deck & Wood Cleaning
Clean and protect all your exterior wood.
Graffiti Remover
A gel that sticks to graffiti then removes it with water
Hajo Clips Hajo Clips
Simple skirt clips with no points or pins that can damage the fabric
Wedding Dress, 
Suit Covers
Soaps for Carpets & Suites
Professionals soaps for all carpet & suite 

DrClean's Lilly Pollen Remover Lilly
Paint & Rust Treatments
All added to ordinary paint
Grooming Kit
Removes bobbles, hair & lint 

Curtain Cleaning Service
Full service with a NO SHRINKAGE GUARANTEE

Wedding Dress Cleaning by DrClean
Hand Made Wedding Dress, Shoe & Hat Boxes
All Natural Moth Repellants


Specials on DrClean
Cleaning Velvet

w/e 20/04/15

Although slightly less fashionable than it used to be, velvet garments, trims and accessories are becoming more popular again. It's also a luxurious material to use for curtains and furnishing to add a classic look to any room.
Velvet can be made from cotton (normally for curtains etc.), silk (for fine evening wear), nylon, rayon and acetate, or a even mixture of these fibres. You should always find out the composition of the material as some are far more delicate and likely to damage than others.
The problem with treating velvet for stains is crushing the pile, which can completely ruin the look of the fabric and consequently the garment. Acetate and silk velvets are the most delicate and should always be dry cleaned. Red velvet made of silk will often freely run it's colour if you add any water to it.
Any "Tamping" to remove stains should be exceptionally light to reduce the mechanical action and you should always treat in the direction of the pile, which will only run in one direction. This also means that when you need to flush through with water you should do so from the reverse side, using a spray from behind the stained area so the pile is lifted by the water as it pushes through the fabric. Use absorbent cloths on the right side to catch the water and any of the dirt you're trying to remove.
Most velvets are dry clean only and can be easily crushed if washed so for complete garment cleaning our suggestion is to professionally dry clean.
If you have to finish a velvet item then use steam while the garment or fabric is hanging. Directing the steam from a kettle is often best but don't brush or touch the fabric while it's wet or hot from the steam or you could crush the pile and always finish in the direction the pile runs. Use a wide soft brush when the fabric is cool but never let the pile come into contact with any solid objects until it is completely dry.
Draylon suites, settees and covers are often more resilient than garment velvet and don't crush so readily. To clean these you can use a wet and dry vacuum and full instructions can be found in the cleaning and stain removal sections.
With all types of suite there is often a grimy patch at the level where heads rub on the fabric. This is normally just head and neck grease, which you can remove fairly easily by spraying the area with a mixture of water and ammonia (about a 20% mix), lightly brushing it in and then using the wet and dry vacuum hand tool to clean in the normal way.
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