Paint Perfectly on Flaky or Porous Walls

If paint flakes off your walls or leaves a chalky residue when you run your hand over it then EB Emulas Bond is the answer.

Added to normal water based paints it stabilises the paint and allows you to paint without a stabilising layer, saving time and money.

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Renovate Your Garden Furniture

It's easy to renovate all your wooden garden furniture. With NetTrol you simply paint it on - scrub it in - leave it for 20 mins - power wash it off. Job Done!
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Wedding Dress Boxes

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The best way to protect the memory of your wedding is to keep your dress safe in a beautiful wedding dress box.

These hand-made boxes protect your dress, providing the perfect conditions for long term storage and come with a supply of acid free tissue paper.

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Complaints About Cleaning - (week 2)

w/e 28/04/14

Last week we began a short series based on our visit to the SATRA offices in Kettering (UK). 
Just to recap, SATRA is one of the worlds leading materials research organisations, whose expertise is in assessing materials and reporting on whether they are suitable for their proposed usage. 

They can assess complete garments, as well as the suitability of leather, footwear and workwear, special surface treatments (such as reflectivity of highly visible garments), the wear properties of chair covers, right down to testing how the properties of pram materials change in different temperatures.

Some of their most interesting and relevant work is in solving disputes between cleaners, manufacturers and owners of garments and apportioning appropriate blame when damage has occurred. They produced two lists on this, one showing the type of complaints they receive, ranked in order of popularity, which we showed last week.
This second list apportioned blame where appropriate and is reproduced here:-
Who Was Responsible? Percentage Example
Owner 32% Starting to treat a stain and damaging the fabric
Not seeing damage such as moth holes etc.
Spilling harmful liquids on fabrics (such as perfume on silk).
Manufacturer 28% Not using the right process.
Incorrect labeling.
Not testing a garment correctly.
Cleaner 24% Bad stain treatment.
Using dirty or contaminated solvent.
Not having the knowledge expected of a cleaner.
Not checking garments for items left in pockets (such as pens and lipsticks).
Indeterminate 16% Anything where blame could not be definitely laid on the owner, manufacturer or cleaner.

Anyone interested in learning more about SATRA please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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