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Curtain Cleaning (Week 3)


In the third in our mini-series on curtain cleaning we'll deal with shrinkage and sunlight.
Distortion is a big problem for curtain cleaners whether they are professional dry cleaners home cleaners. The reason is that a 1 inch change in a 4 ft curtain that's fitted exactly to a window sill may make them look poorly fitted - but in reality this is only represents about a 2% distortion. If you think about it your jeans would shrink much more than this on every wash.

When fabric is printed or manufactured it is often done under tension and when cleaned the tension is released and the fabric will relax to it's un-stretched size. There's absolutely nothing the cleaner can do to predict it or stop it. Up to 5% can be expected but on a 9 ft curtain that's almost 6 inches of shrinkage, which is undoubtedly going to show. So what can be done?

Distortion is natural when fabric is cleaned but it's less in dry cleaning than washing, so if you're concerned then dry clean your curtains if it's safe to do so.

Expect some distortion and let the curtains hang for a few days before taking any remedial measures because a fabric will often relax over time as the weight of the fabric pulls on the fibres. If you find that the end result is too short then remember you can let down a hem or adjust the positioning of the curtain hooks to even out any unbalanced look.

You can attempt to stretch the fabric but this has to be done while steaming the curtains and the stretch must be evenly applied, otherwise you could end up with a wavy hem. You must also keep the tension on until the fabric has cooled and dried, otherwise it will shrink back very quickly.

Sunlight causes bleaching and can lead to colour loss. Even if the colour appears to be even throughout the fabric sunlight may have weakened the bond of the dye and it can be released during cleaning. You can check for sunlight damage before cleaning buy trying to note any areas on the back or on the lining that appears a different shade than other areas. This often gives the material a striped look.

Another problem that sunlight causes is that it weakens fibres. If weakened the fabric can actually tear down the length of the weakness, completely shredding in some cases during cleaning. It occurs more with linings than with facing fabric and can be indicated by holding the fabric up to the light and looking for slightly thinner areas. You also may be able to feel a slightly more brittle handle to the cloth in affected areas.

If you need truly professional curtain cleaning, with full take-down and re-hang service, then click through to our complete curtain cleaning solution on the right.

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